Friday, July 18, 2014

Red Snapper Fishing out of Port Canaveral

Sunrise at Port Canaveral
     Last Friday, I hit the water with some friends for the opening day of Atlantic Red Snapper season. During the 2 1/2 weekend season in July this year the government was kind enough to let us keep ONE "endangered / over-fished" Atlantic Red Snapper per person, no size limit, for purpose of gathering data from the carcasses back at the dock. After loading the boat up with gear, ice, frozen squid & sardines, and beer, we launched from Sunrise Marina at Port Canaveral as the sun was coming up. After a quick stop to catch some live bait, we headed out for our target fish, Red Snapper. We fished, caught fish, laughed, drank some beer, and had a great time! I brought the GoPro along to document our trip. Check out the HD video on YouTube- 

... There was no shortage of Red Snapper.  ;)

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We caught our limit...

Atlantic Red Snapper

Back at Sunrise Marina feeling sore, tired, and hungry, we cleaned our catch, and headed home.

Red Snapper limit

Saturday night, I made lemon pepper baked red snapper with roasted green beans & red potatoes for the Wife & I for dinner. 

If you have any good Red Snapper recipes, please send them my way. I have another big fillet in the freezer, as well as some scraps that I plan to use to make fish soup out of. 

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